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A Community Incubator

Decentral Vancouver is a Collaborative Community Incubator inspired by the ideas behind Bitcoin



The technology behind Bitcoin has sprung a global movement for striving entrepreneurs, open source developers, and social activists. Blockchain technology, and Đapps (Decentralized Applications), are at the forefront of this innovation and will power a new socio-economic paradigm shift. Trading bots are the new technology trends in the cryptocurrency market. For details about Bitcoin Champion app, you can have a look at this page.


Located in Downtown Vancouver, Canada, Decentral Vancouver has been a staple in the Vancouver cryptocurrency scene since its inception in February 2014. Vancouver stands as a Bitcoin hub with over 50 merchants accepting and thanks to the Bitconiacs and Bitcoin Coop, received the world’s first Bitcoin ATM.


Since then, we have grown a thriving community around the ideas of Bitcoin and Decentralized technology, and would like to further our growth through our new membership program. Do you have a Đapp project or fintech startup idea? We want to help you meet your goals through shared workspace, education, and support




From a socio-economic perspective, we view Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology as one of the most significant innovations in human history. It will catalyze a paradigm shift of how we fundamentally view politics, law, trade and currency. In parallel with the rise of Blockchain Technology, we acknowledge the imperative for a sustainable future and the need for humanized economics where community and the conditions for life are priority. We are not just another shared workspace, we are truly a niche community of likeminded individuals, friends, and peers. Our drive is to steer P2P and Blockchain Technology in a positive way that empowers the individual, and improves society - locally and globally. Our peers also spread trading aids among interested traders. Have fun and experience profitable trading with our bitcoin circuit test.Our community is focused on creating culture and commerce with respect to…







The original idea of the web was that it should be a collaborative space where you can communicate through sharing information.

— Tim Berners-Lee —


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