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A Community Incubator

Decentral Vancouver is a Collaborative Community Incubator inspired by the ideas behind Bitcoin



The technology behind Bitcoin has sprung a global movement for striving entrepreneurs, open source developers, and social activists. Blockchain technology, and Đapps (Decentralized Applications), are at the forefront of this innovation and will power a new socio-economic paradigm shift.


Located in Downtown Vancouver, Canada, Decentral Vancouver has been a staple in the Vancouver cryptocurrency scene since its inception in February 2014. Vancouver stands as a Bitcoin hub with over 50 merchants accepting and thanks to the Bitconiacs and Bitcoin Coop, received the world’s first Bitcoin ATM.


Since then, we have grown a thriving community around the ideas of Bitcoin and Decentralized technology, and would like to further our growth through our new membership program. Do you have a Đapp project or fintech startup idea? We want to help you meet your goals through shared workspace, education, and support




From a socio-economic perspective, we view Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology as one of the most significant innovations in human history. It will catalyze a paradigm shift of how we fundamentally view politics, law, trade and currency. In parallel with the rise of Blockchain Technology, we acknowledge the imperative for a sustainable future and the need for humanized economics where community and the conditions for life are priority. We are not just another shared workspace, we are truly a niche community of likeminded individuals, friends, and peers. Our drive is to steer P2P and Blockchain Technology in a positive way that empowers the individual, and improves society - locally and globally. Our community is focused on creating culture and commerce with respect to…







The original idea of the web was that it should be a collaborative space where you can communicate through sharing information.

— Tim Berners-Lee —


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